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The PathCloud software platform consolidates and simplifies diagnostics procurement

Overview of Pathcloud

PathCloud® pulls together a complex diagnostics network and positions the clinicians patient and practice in the middle of a fully comprehensive, organized ecosystem, of diagnostics services.

How it works

- Fully GDPR compliant, the PathCloud software platform allows clinicians, anywhere the ability to compare and order any diagnostics service from any viable diagnostics provider and manages communication while bringing transparency through the process. PathCloud is free for clinicians and patients to use, enabling demand to scale, while at the same time opening up suppliers and clinicians to new markets and opportunities and therefore aggregating the market.

- Clinicians require imaging and pathology tests for their patients. In PathCloud, the clinician selects the patient’s electronic file, the required tests – and then compares and confirms. PathCloud will then generate documentation, manage communication, payment, track the delivery process, trigger actions between clinician, patient, imaging center, sample extraction service, transporter, diagnostics provider until the reports and images are uploaded onto PathCloud and accessible by the clinician. A clinician can query reports by communicating with the selected diagnostics provider(s) directly through the PathCloud until satisfied. The diagnostics record remains on the patient file and with this the clinician can refer patients with their diagnostics history to other PathCloud clinicians using PathCloud’s secure referral system.

Your Pathway to Diagnostics


Dr Nick Plowman - (MA MD FRCP FRCR) :
a Senior Clinical Oncologist to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The Hospital for Sick Children.

"With the increasing rate of changes in oncology, diagnosis and practice, PathCloud is the ideal means of accessing and managing any diagnostics service - essential to the practicing oncologist. PathCloud seeks to resource the best facilities in an extremely efficient manner and I believe it will transform the current competitive field of clinical diagnostics and genomic testing"