Empowering Practitioners

  • Consolidated Access - Source and manage all your required diagnostics services requirements through a simple portal
  • Efficient - Fast service selection and considerable savings in administration time
  • Integrated Process - Connects your patient to their insurer, the selected diagnostics services, extraction centers and transporters
  • Managed & Measured Delivery - cycle times and status notification updates through the process until diagnostics reports are delivered
  • Patient Notifications – patients are sent notifications where required, (for extraction center and diagnostics centre appointments etc.)
  • Connected - If required, simply communicate with the selected diagnostics service provider
  • Highly Secure - Ensures your patient’s records are fully compliant with the DPA
  • Patient Centric Records - All transactions and reports are referenced within the patients data record
  • Multi-practice Record Access - Irrespective of location Practices with the appropriate security rights can access the patients diagnostics records
  • Free - Practitioners can use PathCloud at no cost